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==(Birdies)== ==(Birdies)==

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What more to say?

Really nice track. I really feel the ambient mood. Great relaxing tune, with wonderful sounds and arrangement.
Only thing I might disagree on is the kick. Don't know what it is, but it doesn't sound great. Probably a matter of taste though :)


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Buoy responds:

nono, you see the kick is the best part

The Second Road:Revitalization The Second Road:Revitalization

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Sounds are not right

The arrangement of the song is pretty nice. I think the piano is a bit loud in the mix and goes on for a little to long to keep interesting, but it's ok. The sounds in the start sound really dull. Cheap and as if they were pulled from the libarary without doing anything to them.

The drums at 1:10 are pretty terrible. They kick in like the drummer forgot to pick up his sticks at the right time, but they correct themselves later (luckily)

The drums and synth at 2:20 sound empty too. Try adding something to that arrangement, since it sounds empty. Since it is already in the middle of the song, it should be more entertaining and not an outro already.

The best advice I could give you is that you should put some more effort in mixing and getting the right sounds. This is what makes this song pretty bad. The strings sound pretty good, but I hate the piano, drums and bass. Some EQ might fix this.

Overall I hear a lot of potential, but skills aren't really there yet. Keep practicing!

Nashton responds:

thank you i really appreciate it.
i had figured that i need to understand up to EQ.
i hear what you mean about drums and the emptiness.
all the melodies in my head and i cant present them well. haha

i will see what i can do with my next song and re do this one and my others once i get a chance

again thanl you.

KKS - Parkour Jam KKS - Parkour Jam

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice tune, try improving the breaks and fills

Nice intro, I really like the orchestral stuff. Also when the drums kick in it is pretty nice. Some of the fills I don't like though. They sound a bit out of time. Trying to bring the variation in is good, but these fills just don't sound right.

Then the break again is very nice, gives a nice bit of contrast. You managed to give a nice bit of contrast in this tune, which is good fo dnb. Especially the break at 2:00 give a totally different feel. However, I don't like the break at 3:00. However, I think you overdid it. Because of all these contrasts, there isn't really a large piece that flows a long time, and gives the really dnb feel to it.

Don't get me wrong. It is a really nice tune, although I'm missing a real kick-ass drop.


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KKSlider60 responds:

I'm still pretty new to this style, so I'm still trying to figure out the possible mistakes I've made.
Thanks for the tips, may those be a good reminder for future tracks :)

Allocation - Dirty Version Allocation - Dirty Version

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice one

You really improved your track. I don't agree with you that it sounds totally different, but it definately sounds better. The bass in the second part is a lot less disturbing, since it just fits better with the song, but it is still not idel.
The bass from 0:42 just sounds great now, and i love the buildup from there. Just still when the bass kicks in at 1:13 it doesn't feel right. Bit empty and weird. Don't really know why. Maybe try some automation in the wobble or adding layers. Not really sure what to do though xD
Good Job!


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MoNkEyBoY1993 responds:

Thanks dude. glad u at least enjoy the improvement. maybe the melodies i introduced after that intro just need tweaking... don't worry, i'll be making more tracks later on, this aint my last industrial-dubstep type mix

-=- Allocation -=- -=- Allocation -=-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice tune

Good job man, I really like the tune. Don't think this will fall under DnB, but that's not your goal. I really like the kind of industrial feel to it.

Though, I think some of the sounds could use a bit more work. The wobble bass from 1:12 really stands out, because it sounds very thin. Especially in this song, I would make the bass much more dirtier and heavier.

I like the part before :44 the most. I think it sounds the best, because of the nice lead. The second part is mostly ruined by the bad bass.


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MoNkEyBoY1993 responds:

Thanks a ton for the feedback, my friend. This is a short piece, i wrote it up in literally like 2 hours xD.

And yea, I've got to experiment with more mixer effects to try and get that wobble bass dirtier, without screwing up the song's EQ. Fruity Fast Dist and Hardcore are my main distortion tools, these days, along with the Free Filter.

I've changed the genre to Industrial, because i now hear the industrial feel after a couple of listens... the industrial feel was completely unintentional xD, but it works :D

--> Also... go chek out Convolutions... right before he song's break i get a nice heavy, dirty bass effect. You can tell me whether or not that sounds a bit better to your liking, for future beats. :D

Cleaning The Future Cleaning The Future

Rated 1 / 5 stars


You just put a lot of parts from other people and threw that in a song. This isn't a problem if you're mixing some tracks. but you just did it totally wrong. This does't sound like a song, but some sounds thrown out on the street and recollected by some weird guy who doesn't know what to do with it.

You threw some parts of yourself in too. But that isn;t a song either. Many things sound off. Nothing fits together. It just could be like 20 WIPS of 20 sec which you threw together in one terrible song.

Besides that, uou didn't put any effort in mixing it.

Just try working out 1 idea next time. Don't use other peoples songs. And you have to make the song keep flowing during the whole time. This is essential in making a good song. Some adjustments is often better then just restarting with a whole new piece of music. Good luck with your next song.


Xxf3nxX responds:

I kind of wanted the song to sound like an AOL dial up tone kind of thing.
It's mostly universal knowledge by now that anyone hearing the AOL dial up tone would know what it is.
I know it isn't a "real" song, but I did accomplish what I was trying to do...because it does sound like a dial tone. Maybe nothing anyone's ever heard before but it does.

Warped in Darkness Warped in Darkness

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Sounds very unprofessional

The composition is nice. I really like the melody and backing track.

However, the mix is terrible. It all actually sounds horrible. It reminds me a lot of a midi sequencer playing some notes. That´s absolutely not the sound you´re looking for. Try finding some better sounds and samples. Especially the bass souds terrible (at 0:36). The intro sounds ok, but the rest is "meh". Even if you can't find better samples, you can use effects to make it sound right. Try some EQ and reverb.

So i'd remake the track with better samples and effects. That would really benifit this track.


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ElementHeroX responds:

Yeah I know but this was with my old software which didn't allow much. I have FL Studio 10 so once I get around to remaking this remix I will tell you.

&amp;lt;Fear Itself&amp;gt; <Fear Itself>

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice balance

Very well done.
I like the simpliness of this track. Not too much going on, which is in this cas a good thing. Because it´s so empty, it gets scary. Nicely done.
I really love the EP/bell thingy melody. It is the base of the whole track and it works great. It is simple and repetitive (with little variations). Both work out fine.

Though I feel like i'm missing something. This could be awesome for some kind of spooky trip in a game or animation, but for a full track it seems unfinished. I'd add an extra part with a big epic orchestral drop. Some wild violins and maybe even a brass section. At least you need big timpanis or other kind of deep, large percussion. If you manage to add the EP also in with his chracteristic melody of this tune, it would be awesome. This would really give an awesome edge to this tune.

Good job,

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hektikmusic responds:

thanks for a full review and great tips. i will look into this further :D

Nutronic - Run Away Nutronic - Run Away

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nicely done!

This track is great.
The vocals are actually pretty good. Normally I don't really like vocals in a dnb track, but here it just seems to fit right. It isn't overdone. The vocals kick in and out to maintain the instrumental parts. I think that's my favourite part of the track; the mix between instrumental and vocals.

I love the synths. The pitchy thing synth at 2:00 is pretty nice. Besides that, the rest is amazing too. The sidechaning is nicely done. It isn't done that much in dnb. But it gives just that little extra bit to keep the track flowing.
Nothing to complain about in the drums too. Good feel and nicely mixed.

There's a lot of variation. This keeps it intresting and amazing to listen to, which is fairly important in dnb.


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NutronicUK responds:

Nice detailed review... Thank you, sir!

R3LAX NickelBoy R3LAX NickelBoy

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


The pads/organ is amazing. I love the chord progession and feel of the tone.

On the contrary, I don't like the drums at all. (and it's certainly not DnB) They just don't feel right. You switched a lot with your drums. And that's really the only thing going on. The drums just not seem to flow right.