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Paratroop Paratroop

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Meh, not very interesting. Graphics could use a lot of work. I'm guessing you did not embed your font, since it shows up as a standard with me here. This leads to very ugly buttons and the text is not aligned. Try doing this, since a lot of people will have the same problem. Try to hide the cursor, since you made a custom one. This is easily done by one line of code. Also, some smoothing in the code would be appropriate :)
Overall, keep working on it!

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Tiny Planet Tiny Planet

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Hmm, not terrible. Gameplay concept is nice. Some minor bugs but nothing terrible there. Graphics could use some improvement and I am really missing the sound on this one. Some extra interesting elements would also be nice, but I think you did not have the time to make that as well. Good job though, within the limited amount of time for the ludum dare ;)

Riddle Transfer Riddle Transfer

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I just miss one thing

this game is awesome. There's just one little thing missing: a save file. I was stuck, and when I returned to try again, everything was gone :(
I really love the animations in this. Those are great, much better then what i would expect in a game. Also, I love the music. It fits the theme well.

just missing the save option

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JonBro responds:

I do have an automatic 'save point' but it's near the end of the game because I'm weird.

I'll see what I can do. Thanks!

Gametest Gametest

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Pretty bad.

This game has some terrible issues.
At first, there's the engine. The hitTest is terrible. Sometimes I stop way before a wall, while at other times, i'm going through the wall. Besides that i would die while I was sure I didn't even hit the enemy, (aka purple box). To start off, you need to fix that. The engine is basically the whole playing experience, which has to be good. Just search some tutorials on the interwebs, or ask people for help at the forums.
The second point I want to mention is the very very long hallways. The hallways are just too long for the speed that the character has, especially when it's just a hallway without obstacles (which get better as the game pror\gresses).
And the last thing I want to say, is the graphics. Not the most important to me, especially when it's a test. But when you release a final version of this, fix that too.

Hope this helped,
You mentioned it is a test. What are you testing out?

-Positron of the Nuclear Teddies-

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zzzspawn responds:

yeah.. there is something about this I'm not sure of.. cuz I got some help with the whole part of how the player hit's the "level".. there is something that I haven't figured out (YET;P), that makes the players "hitbox" hit a little outside of the player.. and that really sucks.. and yeah.. I know what you mean.. if the engine sucks, it sucks balls to play it....
I'll get it checked out on some forum or smthn soon :)
yeah!!!! I agree... the hallways can be a bit long.. especially in the beginning when there is no real dangers.. working on that now! ;* Ty for letting me on! :D

yeah, working on the graphics, and will make a good friend of mine do them for me :))

It did help, quite a lot actually! :DD <33 peace and love for that! :D

well.. I've never uploaded anything to newgrounds before.. (or I think I tried maybe 4-5 yrs ago..) so I wanna see how things work.. with the fullscreen, and some other aspects of the uploading before I upload anything too serious, it suck when a game fails because of a bad upload technique or other technical aspects :))

thanks again! really helpful =))

edit: */ hehe.. I think I know why the hitbox seems even worse here.. cuz my game played on the mac.. is a "fullscreen mac game.. and I think it's a bit to big to be resized this much.. played it a couple of times on the site now, and I'm too a bit annoyed by hitting the pinkies without me seemingly hitting them :// need to convert it and make it ready for newgrounds sizing ;PPP /*

Gaia Defender Gaia Defender

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Way too easy

This game was some fun. The graphics were decent and I very much liked the concept of placing more energy towers to gain more energy. This way it is really a decision to make, whether you want to invest in your economy or in your forces.

Some things i didn't like:
- You should think about the balance in this game. At level 3 I already managed to fill up the entire floor with marine guys. I think the right way to do this, is by making the energy towers more expensive. This way, it is really an investment to place a lot of enery towers. This way it is harder to get more energy.
- It should be easier/faster to unlock things. I've played untill level 3. Then it gets boring because it is only placing guys on the floor.
- The rounds are too long. I think it would be much bettter to make them a little shorter. It gets pretty boring after a while. Certainly since the enemies arn't spawning very fast.
- Make the game harder. Considering what i just said, it would make the game a bit harder and more interesting, instead of place a ton of little guys, while having a 1000 energy on bank.

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Platformer Basic Platformer Basic

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Pretty bad

The engine doesn't feel solid at all. You hit the wall like 50 meters in front of it. You sould fix that. Also, try to add variable junping. Besides that, the moving in general is way to fast. It is not very precise.
The graphics of the character look fine, although I belive it's almost the same as fancy pants. The walls look terrible.
I hope this is just a engine. Polish the code and add some graphics and levels.

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&amp;quot;Shoot Em Up&amp;quot; "Shoot Em Up"

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Not great

This game isn't terrible, but it isn't great either.

The graphics looked fine. I would make an animation though, when you shoot the targets.

Your sound effect sounds fine too, but it has to be on time. Now the sound plays about one second later, which isn't good.

Also the ending screen isn't good. You could at least put Game over on a single line.


Rayven2011 responds:

The idea for a animation when you shoot the targets is a good idea I will work on that. I am aware that the sound is off and plan on fixing that soon but cant at the moment as I have big projects going in school and work. And unless the game is glitching the end screen does say Game Over than under that a clickable button play again! Thank you very much for you response.